Saturday, December 1, 2007

Buy my books

You can find most of my books via online booksellers, but you can also get them from me. I'm happy to sign or personalize them. Add $2.00 for postage. I only take checks or money orders. Here’s what’s available:

Book I’ve Written
god’s 15 minutes (Aardwolf Publishing): paperback edition
Stories by Clifford Meth, Afterwords by Harlan Ellison and Robert Bloch, cover by Michael Kaluta. $14.95; hardcover edition $24.95

METHo.d. (Aardwolf Publishing) - cover by JIM STERANKO - $10.95

Conflicts of Disinterest (Aardwolf Publishing) - $10.95

Conflicts of Disinterest (Aardwolf Publishing) Ltd. Bookplate Edition -- same as above but signed by Clifford Meth and Peppi Marchello - $15.95

Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians (Aardwolf Publishing) – stories by Meth, art by Gene Colan (this book was Barnes & Noble’s “Horror Pick of the Week” for two weeks) - $9.95

Crib Death: The Baby-sitter’s Companion (Aardwolf Publishing) - $7.95

Crawling From the Wreckage (Aardwolf Publishing) - $9.95

The White Man Dancing (Aardwolf Publishing) – Ltd. Bookplate Edition – signed by Al Feldstein, Mike Ploog, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe, Marie Severin, Dave Cockrum, Paty Cockrum and Clifford Meth) - $30.00

This Bastard Planet (Aardwolf Publishing) - Cover by Joe Linsner - $9.95

Books I’ve Edited
Balm in Gilead (Mahrwood Press) - Stories by Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, William Tenn, Jack Dann, Owl Goingback, Marv Wolfman, and Clifford Meth; art by Jeffrey Jones, Neal Adams, Joe Kubert; cover by Michael Kaluta. Hardcover. $24

Balm in Gilead (Mahrwood Press) - LETTERED Hardcover Edition (same as above but signed/lettered by Joe Kubert and Clifford Meth) Only 26 exist - $55

Strange Kaddish (Aardwolf Publishing) – stories by Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, others; art by Dave Cockrum, Paty Cockrum, others; cover by Gray Morrow - $10

Strange Kaddish Ltd. Bookplate Edition - same as above - signed by Harlan Ellison, Dave Cockrum, Paty Cockrum, Gray Morrow and Clifford Meth (only 100 made) $30

Stranger Kaddish (Aardwolf Publishing) – more stories by Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Peter David, others; cover by Dave Cockrum - $12

BAMF! The Dave Cockrum Treasury (Aardwolf Publishing) signed by Dave Cockrum - $30

Heroes & Villains: The William-Messner Loebs Benefit Sketchbook (2005, TwoMorrows Publishing) - Edited by Clifford Meth & Neal Adams - $25

The Gene Colan Treasury (1995, Aardwolf Publishing) - $20

The Whirlwind Club – stories and art by Dave Cockrum - $10

Other stuff

S.C.A.N.S. Magazine (Oct. 1997) – contains my story “Inside Yasmeen” (illustrated by Dave Cockrum) - $4.50

One To Go (comicbook with Clifford Meth and Mike Pascale) - $1.50

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