Friday, December 21, 2007

Meth Receives No-Prize for Anti-Bullying Measures

Jim Salicrup—former Spider-Man Editor at Marvel Comics and current EiC/Publisher of Papercutz—has granted author Clifford Meth the coveted NO-PRIZE for his recent Anti-Bullying Measures.

“In an upcoming Papercutz Hardy Boys graphic novel (#12 "Dude Ranch O' Death"), Frank Hardy has to deal with series' bully, and makes short work of him,” writes Salicrup, cleverly sneaking in a plug for his company’s book. “It's a scene with great impact, not unlike the tale of your son's recent battle. In my official capacity as Supreme Marvel Zombie Emeritus, I take this opportunity to bestow upon you a special Kosher No-Prize for being a responsible father in a world gone mad!”

Clifford Meth was visibly moved by the award. “All my life,” the author noted, wiping back a two-karat tear, “I have wondered what it would take to gain entry into the prestigious club of No-Prize Recipients. I never truly imagined that this day would come… I dedicate this award to anyone with a pair of beitzim willing to raise their middle digit to impotent school administrations in the only proper salute.”

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Anonymous said...

LOL... That's great! Welcome to the esteemed club of NO PRIZE recipients, kiddo... Stan himself gave me mine waaaay back in
either '72 or '73...i'd have to look at the postmark to be sure... but it was before I started working at Marvel...LOL
You finally made it!!! You are a success in life!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA