Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Make Herb Angry (you won't like him when he's angry)

Herb Trimpe--the artist who brought The Incredible Hulk to life during my boyhood--stopped by to give us a jolly green pat on the back for our anti-Bully measures:

Cliff, Happy Herbie still has unsettled business with a couple of people he knew in junior high school. Problem was, I took it and never let on or discussed it. I'd kill these fuckers (if they ain't already dead)if I got my hands on them today. You and you kid's story is my unrealized fantasy. Maybe in the next life. -Herb

Marv Wolfman, Adrienne Colan (Gene's better half), and Paty Cockrum also weighed in...

Great story, Clifford. Hey, get your kid Bioshock for the 360. Great SF game. -Marv

What a great great story. I've never read one sentence of yours that didn't sweep me away. Exquisite writing. And in my next life, I'd like to be your daughter. What a gift you gave your son (and I'm not referring to the Xbox!)... -Adrienne

You tell Jesse, MAZEL TOV from me! I used my horse to teach a bully a sharp lesson when I was in high school. He straightened up and made a success of his life... and he still crosses the street to walk on the other side when he sees me coming down it. Fear is the prime motivator...and a preemptive strike sometimes teaches an important lesson even to stupid bullies. If you let people use you as a doormat, they will continue to do so until you rise up and bite them in the ass. better to teach them a lesson early and save yourself grief. Works for me! You're a MENSCH , Jesse! -Paty

And then there was this poem from SNAKED artist extraordinaire Rufus Dayglo:

A kick in the tonkers
A flurry of fists
A wall-eating arm-bar
A nice Glasgow Kiss


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