Saturday, December 29, 2007

Owl Goingback on Bullies

Three weeks after the incident, I’m still getting email in support of my politically incorrect response to a school bully incident at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy. This one just came from Owl Goingback.

You did the right thing. Glad to hear that your son eliminated the bully problem. I put both of my sons in martial arts when they turned six, and kept them there for over ten years... I told them that if they ever started a fight in school they would be in trouble, but if someone bullied them they had permission to knock that person's block off. --Owl
Owl's novel Crota won the 1996 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel, and was one of four finalists in the Best Novel category.


James Robert Smith said...

I've beaten a number of men in my life. I've never been a bully, and can state that everyone whose ass I kicked richly deserved it. There's nothing wrong with beating the soup out of a bully.

Bill Messner-Loebs said...

I was bullied pretty continuously for three years and two moves and three states during what amounted to my junior high years. I tried sullen subservience, friendliness, wit, fighting back, ignoring the problem, public masturbation, art, and hiding. Of all these responses art was the most effective and fighting back and masturbation were the most fun. The bullying stopped as suddenly as it began, and with as little reason. If I had any children (besides you, Cliff, and you seem to be able to take care of yourself) I'm not sure what I would tell them. But fighting back was certainly satisfying, and I am thrilled it worked for you and your son.