Monday, August 25, 2008

Young Ellison

Just found this terrific picture of my friend. Forget writing as well as him--I'd have been happy to be this good looking.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

SD ComicCon & The Other Glass Teat

Aardwolf's Jim Reeber has warned me for some time to suspend my blogging activities and get back to the task of writing stories; that the blogging nipple would satisfy the writing jones and leave me with all the spiritual nurishment the rest of you seem to get from tee-vee. And he was right. So I've cold turkeyed the little bugger for nearly four weeks now and return only with some snapshots from the left coast. Le de da.

Pictured below: Mrs. Meth's boy Clifford with Peter David, Joe Hill, Steve Niles, David Lloyd, Jerry Robinson, Al Feldstein, and Jim Steranko at San Diego ComicCon. Not pictured: Nelson DeCastro and Billy Tucci who, when last seen, were fishing their room keys out of a beer bottle at Dick's Last Resort.