Monday, February 19, 2018

Help Me Help Others

I started collecting comics in 1966. They were some of the best investments I’ve made. Now a family that I know needs a little help, so I’ve donated some comics, and a few of my books, to raise funds for them. Can you help me help these friends? You don’t have to dig deep—and you’ll be making an investment.

Below are some very inexpensive first issues and first appearances. I have 10 of each. All are new. Don’t know anything about comics? Pick a dollar amount ($20, say) and I’ll select them for you. It’s that easy. Please email me privately at

Deathlok #1 (Marvel, 1991) $2
New Mutants 100 (Marvel, 1st X-Force appearance) $9
Pitt #1 (Image) $2
Sabretooth #1 (Marvel) $3
Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel, 1987) $7
Silver Surfer #50 (embossed silver foil cover) $6
Snaked #3 (by Clifford Meth / Rufus Dayglo – SIGNED) $4
Spider-Man #1 (1990 reboot) $2
Spirits of Vengeance #1 (Marvel, 1992) $3
Strangers #1 $1.50
Turok #1 (1993, chromium foil cover) $3
Warlock Chronicles #1 $3 (Marvel, Warlock makes film debut in upcoming Avengers film)
Warriors of Plasm #1 (SIGNED by artist Mike Witherby) $4
X-Force #1 (Marvel, soon to be a major motion picture) $2
X-Force #1 (2nd print, short print) $3
X-O #0  (Valiant) $3
Youngblood #1 (from the creator of Deadpool… and this may become a film, too) $2
Crib Death and Other Bedtime Stories (Clifford Meth’s 1st paperback collection – SIGNED) $7

Again, please email me privately at