Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(Mostly) Wordless

Every once in awhile I stumble upon something. Usually they're things I want to kick to the gutter so the next guy won't stumble, too. This time, it was worth picking up and sharing.

Jed Alexander, a writer/artist of children's books that I was unfamiliar with personally and professionally, has a new Kickstarter for his book (Mostly) Wordless, A Picture Book for Everyone. It's the kind of book I would be happy to buy for my five-year-old daughter. I like to buy her books that I will also enjoy reading again and again because, let's face it, that's what happens. Moreover, I liked Mr. Alexander's presentation and Kickstarter video very much, so I jumped in as an early supporter. You might want to, too. And there's just a few days left.

I am a huge fan of the crowd-funding model. This is the type of grass roots, creative-collective bargaining that master artist Michael Netzer and many others have talked about for years. Artists and writers and musicians, and fans of artists and writers and musicians, have a unique opportunity to bring to life the types of projects that may not otherwise survive incubation because of lack of funds or political connections.

(Mostly) Wordless, A Picture Book for Everyone promises to be such a project. And it's funding is now in, so I know I didn't waste my time. It's nice to be an early supporter of something worthwhile. Go see for yourself.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



September 10, 2013
For Immediate Release


Peppi Marchello, the founder of Long Island’s popular Good Rats, is being commemorated in a special book that has rallied die-hard fans. PEPPI MARCHELLO: SONG WRITER will collect not only Marchello’s never-before-published lyrics from such popular LP’s as “Tasty,” but also dozens of songs that were never recorded due to the singer/songwriter’s untimely death on June 10. Marchello’s widow has also shared rare and intimate family photos to be included in the book.

“Peppi’s fans were always legion, always enthusiastic and receptive to anything he was working on,” says author Clifford Meth, a long-time friend of Marchello, who organized the project. “I was certain the announcement of this book would hit home. Good Rats fans are eager to participate in this exceptional project and to spread the word. Ultimately, the book will benefit Peppi’s widow and allow for the release of many songs that Peppi was working on before he died.”

PEPPI MARCHELLO: SONG WRITER was launched as a Kickstarter project on September 2. Within two days, the project had passed its financial goal, and less than a week later, its funding doubled.

“As fans hear about the project, they want to participate,” says Meth. “The Kickstarter platform not only allows fans to pre-order the book, but also to be a sponsor, or even participate at a higher level. Both the book and its marketing success are things that Peppi would have been proud of—and as his fan and friend, I am proud to help bring this to life.”

Copies of PEPPI MARCHELLO: SONG WRITER can be ordered from Aardwolf Publishing. Fans who would like to participate in the Kickstarter for the project can click here. A promotional video is found here.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lost Dachshund in White Meadow Lake (Rockaway, NJ)

Update 9/2: The little dog returned. Thanks to everyone who Tweeted or helped in any way!

My neighbor's small brown Dachshund is missing since midnight tonight. It is still on a red leash. If found, please call the Rockaway Twp. Police Dept. immediately. The dog is frightened and skittish but does not bite.