Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lost Dachshund in White Meadow Lake (Rockaway, NJ)

Update 9/2: The little dog returned. Thanks to everyone who Tweeted or helped in any way!

My neighbor's small brown Dachshund is missing since midnight tonight. It is still on a red leash. If found, please call the Rockaway Twp. Police Dept. immediately. The dog is frightened and skittish but does not bite.


Unknown said...

Our precious little doxie has been found, thanks to wonderful neighbors like Cliff! Cliff was a shoulder to cry on (or freak out on), the voice of reason when we couldn't think straight, and a source of hope as he continually assured us that Jonas would be found. Thank you, Cliff! We won't ever all you did for us.


As Mark Vonnegut once noted, we're here to help each other get through this thing--whatever it is... We're so very happy that your dog is back!