Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(Mostly) Wordless

Every once in awhile I stumble upon something. Usually they're things I want to kick to the gutter so the next guy won't stumble, too. This time, it was worth picking up and sharing.

Jed Alexander, a writer/artist of children's books that I was unfamiliar with personally and professionally, has a new Kickstarter for his book (Mostly) Wordless, A Picture Book for Everyone. It's the kind of book I would be happy to buy for my five-year-old daughter. I like to buy her books that I will also enjoy reading again and again because, let's face it, that's what happens. Moreover, I liked Mr. Alexander's presentation and Kickstarter video very much, so I jumped in as an early supporter. You might want to, too. And there's just a few days left.

I am a huge fan of the crowd-funding model. This is the type of grass roots, creative-collective bargaining that master artist Michael Netzer and many others have talked about for years. Artists and writers and musicians, and fans of artists and writers and musicians, have a unique opportunity to bring to life the types of projects that may not otherwise survive incubation because of lack of funds or political connections.

(Mostly) Wordless, A Picture Book for Everyone promises to be such a project. And it's funding is now in, so I know I didn't waste my time. It's nice to be an early supporter of something worthwhile. Go see for yourself.

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Jed Alexander said...

A niice, thoughtful write-up! I appreciate all your help and all your kind words. You've been an incredible help and resource!