Monday, December 31, 2007

Frank Brunner Takes the Soapbox

Digging through my old email addresses, which were spammed off the active roster list, I just found this unanswered note from artist Frank Brunner:

"The Question is: If Socialism is so bad a system, why do our elected representatives insist on it for themselves! What they have in benfits [sic] and perks can only be compared to Cradle to Grave Socialism found in Scandanavia! [sic] In fact just recently they got their Funeral and Burial allowence [sic] increased to $15,000 and even the convicted ones now in prison get their FULL PENSION and MEDICAL! Hey! Why don't we all send this question to our Senators and Congress people? See what kind if any answer you get!"
Political pedantry and palsied spelling aside, you've gotta love the guy's art.

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