Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Problem with Hippies

Septumus Orion will release their new CD around my story “Queers,” which first appeared in god’s 15 minutes (Aardwolf Publishing) sometime in early 2008. The CD's B&D cover art is by Dave "X-Men" Cockrum and Christian Krank. Band members include ex-Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark and J.R., former front man for the hardcore horror-metal band Rosemary’s Babies.

This morning J.R. is putting the finishing touches on the disk, fighting the Jersey flu, and sending me snarky emails about what’s wrong with America: “Just watched a tv show about the Mamas and the Papas,” he writes. “At first, their rich harmonies brought back pleasant memories. Then they started to talk about themselves. ‘The summer of ‘67 was the greatest summer in history,’ said Michele Phillips. Fuck you, you self-important hippie bastards, I thought. You know, I liked the summer of ‘83, personally!”

I like J.R. Liked him from the moment we met. He’s a big, bad, ripped, soft-spoken Lodi hardass who can talk passionately about music, martial arts, body-building and literature without raising his voice. What’s not to like?

“Those boomer bastards always thought they owned pop culture,” he continues. “Just because there were so many fewer of us who were born in the ‘60’s, they think we have to swallow their waste. Well, I was one of the first in the 'kill hippies campaign.' We were right. The world became harsher. As humans multiply, life gets cheaper. Those pathetic hippies were blind, yet continue to proselytize. As I used to say onstage, or on the radio, or on the street, 'shut up and cut your hair.' Those pussies probably wouldn't have liked your dark work, either. I am even more inspired now.”

Like I said, what’s not to like?


Elayne said...

I dunno, Cliff, I'm kind of a hippie myself. Peace, love, understanding, all that lot. Hippie philosophy set the world in the right direction; with the assassination of John Lennon and the election of Reagan, societal advance started reversing and it hasn't stopped since. I'm waiting for the next great hippie resurgence.


If you take anything at this site seriously--beyond the revolution for the hell of it (as Abbie Hoffman put it)--you will prove yourself unworthy of the Bill-Dale Blackbelt.

Sensei Meth

Anonymous said...

Hippie philosophy? This person seems to be confusing fashion for philosophy and socio - political-economic movements. The philosophical shift in th "60's away from logical positivism is the change that inspired a flood of mystical ideas into the U.S. from all over the world, through academia, and rock stars who were privy to more subtle shifts in cutting edge art and trends. She is saying that all social awareness and open mindedness came from hippies. What? No one but the hippies are responsible for social progress. Only hippies care. Anti war sentiment starts with many of the poor souls who endure war, who survive being used and disillusioned. Is the philosophy "Anti war" or "Anti getting killed" for the hippie who never went to war? How about this: The only true revolutionaries in the world are the ones who wear stockings and 3 cornered hats!

Anonymous said...

I dont know.. I happen to agree with J.R.. I grew up listening to the music of the 60's and was influinced by that, and a spirit of change, but, let's be honest, going to rallies, or holding a sighn for a cause accomplishes absolutely nothing. Nothing.. And, feeling good doesent either.. The world is a serious place. A place of survival. Adopting the philosophy that one has to simply "love" to make the world a better place is nonsence.. And being high all the time doesn't help.. "All you need is love" is a garbadge statement.. The "hippies" were educating themselfs to be retarded people.. Ultamitely, if you look at the way history has panned out.. The individuals doing things to change the world "hippie" or not, are just a few individuals who are doing somthing in action..

Anonymous said...

Shut up hippies!

sam said...

When ever i go to the store i sometimes hear a hippie preaching. And it makes me think. who are you to tell me what to or what not to believe. what to or not to think. If you don't agree with hippies they automatically cast you out as a communist sociopath. All hippies want is to smoke pot and give each other aids. get over it. hippie age is over.