Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More on Nazi "Rights"

I’ve had a bit of mail today regarding my previous post--among it, a note from a savvy, highly intelligent, reasonable man of the Hebrew persuasion I respect very much who writes, “Do you want to live in a country governed by the rule of law, or by the weight of a gun in someone's pocket? When the constitutional rights of a hate group are confirmed and upheld, all of America wins.”

Let's not confuse my own adoration and wholesale gratitude for a country governed by law with the question: How does a Jew, of all people, volunteer to defend a Nazi's 'right' to hurt Jews? It wasn't the government who provided Collin with a public defender in '78; it was the ACLU, which was under no obligation to offer those shitballs aid. And if they were, if I've misread their charter, if the ACLU's raison d'être mandates that every sick fuck no matter what their intentions must be defended by their donations-supported organization whenever so-called civil rights are in question, then the Jew who was offered the pulpit should have STEPPED DOWN, claiming conflict of interest.

But it wasn't a conflict of interest for that lawyer. Which begs the question, "If I am not for myself, than who shall be for me?"

Even in the U.S.--the greatest country in the world, the solar system, the whole universe--even here, a Jew need not feel obligated to put a light bulb in his mouth when someone comes to turn his head into a lampshade.


Anonymous said...

We have a few uninhabited islands here in Indonesia. Send your Nazis here. Now there may be one, two or 27 Komodos. Just give them a hug and a big kiss, and they'll love you forever.
Support us. Send a Nazi to extended summer camp. Help Nazis make lifelong friends.
Hug a komodo ... you'll be glad you did.

As for the ACLU ... wake up. These slack-jawed neanderthals don't support anyone's rights(even if they understood the concept of human rights)

All the best,Wayne

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Cliff--there seems to me to be something profoundly principled, in a very Jewish way, of defending your enemy's civil rights, even as they despise you. Ultimately, you're defending a system of justice, and not the particular individuals in question.

And, it's not as if the Jews haven't received this kind of altruism in return; for all of the Catholic Church's transgressions during World War II, many individual Catholic priests and nuns helped Jews escape the Holocaust, at the risk of their own lives, even though at the time it was the Vatican's official position that the Jews had murdered Christ.

Tim said...

George Washington said (I'm paraphasing) "Better to let them expend their venom in rhetoric than with violence". Let the fools march up and down the street yelling sieg hiel all day key their cars in the parking lot while they are busy! Sometimes the indirect approach is very satisfying