Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marv Wolfman On Meth

Marv Wolfman--who dreamed up the character Blade and gave us decades of terrific comics scripting--offers some wonderful memories of Gene Colan in his introduction to Meth, Colan & Other Theologians (the reincarnation of Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians that Aardwolf Publishing will be reissuing in September). Marv even has a few nice words about the author:

[Meth's] writing is dark, relentless and always in your face. It doesn’t make for easy reading, but it is highly emotional and makes you pay attention, which is the best thing a writer can do… You might even turn away from some of his twistier concepts, but I don’t think Clifford expects otherwise. He writes from a place others won’t walk [and] forces you into some queasy speculations that make everything you just read even creepier. Clifford’s strength is that he makes your imagination work overtime, again one of the best things a writer can
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