Friday, June 6, 2008

Meth in Hebrew, French, and Goth

Mahrwood Press will soon announce an expanded edition of my book god's 15 minutes, which was first published by Aardwolf Publishing in 2003. The new volume will include Harlan Ellison's delightful afterword "Ellison on Meth" as well as several new stories. Mahrwood will simultaneously release Hebrew and (l'havdil) French language editions.

We're also just weeks away from Septumus Orion's debut CD Caged, which was inspired by my story “Queers". The CD's cover art (pictured) is by Dave Cockrum and Christian Krank. Band members include ex-Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark and J.R., former front man for the hardcore horror-metal band Rosemary’s Babies. In addition to the trippy, musical experience around my reading of "Queers," there's a half-dozen other tracks by this extraordinary ensemble.


Anonymous said...

you'll take the french loyalties, I gather


I'll take their money, but they can kiss my black ass.