Sunday, June 22, 2008

Palestinian Gunmen Ignore Ceasefire

Reports on Friday "Israelis Attacked by Gunmen" neglected to mention that these were just students on a hike. My friend Moshe Goldsmith, a rabbi in Itamar who knows the boys, just emailed me the details. "A group of boys that learn at our Yeshiva on Itamar were hiking near a community in Shomron called Neveh Tzuf. While enjoying the beautiful hills of Shomron they were ambushed by terrorist gunfire. Three of them were injured, one of them seriously who I happened to have taught for four years and am personally very close to… right now he is undergoing surgery! Please pray for the Refuah Shelema [speedy recover] of Avraham Meir ben Malkah Chaya."

The shooting occurred 12 hours after the official ceasefire in the Gaza.

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