Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gene Colan Update, Marvel Steps Up & Man Struck by Lightning in Rockaway

Not only has Marvel Entertainment awarded Gene Colan a generous retirement bonus, but also plans are underway for an impressive tribute book for early 2009. While the project has not been officially approved, it appears that I will soon be editing THE INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN for Marvel. I'll share more details as they emerge.

On the home front, Gene is feeling better but is certainly not out of the woods. Medical tests are inconclusive and a biopsy is forthcoming while my friend is functioning on only 10% of his liver. Nevertheless, he reported a healthy appetite yesterday and got out to enjoy the weather now that the heatwave has blown by. Gene attributes his "improving health" to the love and devotion fans and peers have shown him these last six weeks. What a guy!

In an unrelated story, a minister from Pequannock, NJ, was reportedly struck by lightning yesterday in my town and lived to tell the story. "The lightning burned a hole in my hat, entered through my head, exited through my left ankle, and blew off my sneaker," the 47-year-old Rev. told reporters. My son Jesse and I heard the report on 1010 WINS this morning. "I don't believe it," said Jesse. "You think the radio's full of crap?" I asked. "No," said Jesse, "but I don't believe that man." Now that I think about it, I'm not sure it's fair dinkum either. Hard to imagine a man my age who can't tie his sneakers well enough to keep them on, rain or shine.

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    Anonymous said...

    "The lightning burned a hole in my hat, entered through my head, exited through my left ankle, and blew off my sneaker,"

    Almost exactly what happened to my mother, except that after it exited her left ankle, it jumped to the right and went back up to her thigh. Lots of 2nd and 3rd degree burns, and falling on her face shattered her false teeth, but after some skin grafts and painful rehab, she's fine. Very possible to happen.

    Mark Kardwell said...

    They should have done one of those MARVEL VISIONARIES hardbacks on Gene ages ago anyway, so looking forward to this.