Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mark Evanier's KIRBY: Best in Breed

Once in an indicolite moon, a comics publication reminds me why I misspent my youth on the porch reading comics while the cool kids on my block were tossing firecrackers at helpless cats. And it just happened again: Mark Evanier's KIRBY (Harry N Abrams Inc.) is 223 pages of the coolest book I've ever seen. The layouts are smart, the writing is inviting, you hold it in your hand and feel the sunshine in your face. I can't say enough about this hidden treasure other than if you have any sense left, you'll buy two copies because someone (probably one of the assholes from my block) may borrow yours and never return it.


Tim said...

Where is Mike Netzer and why has he forsaken us?

Bob said...

Hi, Cliff,

I second your opinion on Kirby: King of Comics. It's an amazing book with plenty of the art of the master. Evanier really does a great job.

You might also want to pick up Blake Bell's Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko. Plenty of great Ditko art and the best explanation of the most enigmatic figure in comics history I've ever read.