Thursday, July 3, 2008

Methage in a bottle

A dozen years ago, Matt Schwartz reviewed Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians for calling me “one of dark fiction’s best-kept secrets.” Twelve years later, I still get notes from secret admirers:

“I first found one of your books in Chile (of all places) where I was living at the time,” writes Gonzalo Baeza who just bought MethO.D. “I've acquired all of your other books in the last 3-4 years but I was missing this one. I can't believe the ‘big’ publishing houses haven't decided to publish an anthology of your stories. Then again, it's not as if they know what they're doing and you'd probably not have the freedom to say what you say in your stories…”

MethO.D. was my last offering from Aardwolf Publishing. My next anthology, One Small Voice, was published by IDW Publishing—not exactly a “big publishing house,” but certainly not small press. TOR and others have asked for my first novel, but that assumes I’ll write one. For the nonce, short-fiction still wets my whistle.

Fiction in the works:

  • Billboards, a novelette illustrated by Dave Gutierrez with an introduction by Robert Silverberg (IDW Publishing)
  • Meth, Colan & Other Theologians -- reprints Perverts with two additional stories and new forewords from Marv Wolfman, Mark Evanier, and Gail Simone (Aardwolf Publishing)
  • god’s 15 minutes: deluxe edition – new French, Hebrew, and English language editions of my 2003 collection with additional stories and an afterword by Harlan Ellison (Mahrwood Press)

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Unknown said...

I have not read any edition of yours but I really have desire to read these stories which you have mentioned.



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