Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wizard loves SNAKED

From Wizard Universe: The paperbacks you should be reading:

SNAKED (IDW Publishing): In this cleverly concocted political horror-thriller, Bill Timmons is born with scales and a latent ability for bloody outbursts. But when he makes it to the high-profile political scene, he finds it’s his co-workers who are the real snakes. In fact, his straight-laced principles make him, according to one slithery colleague, “almost inhuman,” setting up an analogy charged with the power of today’s most popular politicians. After being framed, fired and cheated on by his wife, Timmons goes on a bloody rampage that jumps out in stark red against the book’s dramatically dark and grimy palette. Snaked features sharp writing, a fun crude streak and an innovative plot encompassing a volatile backdrop of far-fetched, reality-based political intrigue you have to read to believe. Incredibly entertaining! JULY $17.99

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