Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Places to go; people to thank

First, if you're trying to reach me via email, note that I'll be in Los Angeles at BEA from May 29 through June 2 and will only read and return vital email during that time. This blog won't be updated until I return Monday night. In fact, I'm taking a personal day today to be with family, so I won't be around much. Emails regarding the Gene Colan Benefit Auction won't be looked at nor responded to until Monday.

Second (should really be first) sincere thanks to my friend, artist Michael Netzer for the gift of this blog's logo. I always wanted a logo I could call my very own.

Third (should be a fifth, but I'll drink one on the plane) thanks to each of you--artists, writers, collectors, friends--for supporting the Gene Colan Benefit. Gene and Adrienne would like to thank each of you personally but can't--however contributors to the auction should expect some form of communication from them in the future.

Last, please support my new projects: The Snaked trade paperback (IDW Publishing) is due out in June (intro by Gene Colan, art by Rufus Dayglo and Dave Cockrum, coloring by Christian Krank). Then there's Meth, Colan & Other Theologians from Aardwolf Publishing (intros by Marv Wolfman, Mark Evanier, Gail Simone, and the late Steve Gerber). And you can still find my recent One Small Voice (also from IDW, cover painting by Neal Adams; art by Gene Colan, Alex Toth and many others) discounted from numerous booksellers on the web. Or if you want it signed or personalized, get it from me (email

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dave166 said...

As of today, I see that Walt Simonson's Iron Man/Thor piece is going for just over $900.00 on Ebay. Yay!