Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gene Colan Benefit Auction: Update

The date for the Gene Colan Benefit Auction has not yet been set but it appears that only relatively expensive items (original art) will be part of the "big" auction at ComicLink.com; other items (e.g., signed comics and books from folks like Garth Ennis and many others) will be part of a blind auction via this blog.

I plan to start posting items, with minimum bids, this weekend. If you see an item that you want, email me the bid and the highest bids will be listed at the end of each day. Winning bids will be posted and winners will be notified.

Bids will not include shipping costs.

Pictured: A sensational, unused cover pencilled by Gene Colan and inked by Neal Adams that Neal has generously donated to the auction (above)... And a piece that Walter Simonson created specifically for this auction (below). Click on them!

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dave166 said...

Dig the Colan-style pointy-headed Iron Man helmet!