Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gene Colan's Love-In

The emails don't stop... the phone calls... but more importantly, the generous contributions of art and other items for the soon-to-be-announced auction to aid Gene Colan.

Just this morning (and it's only 9:30) I received art pledges from Jim Starlin, Michael Netzer, Juan Torres, and Walt Simonson who writes, "I see a Beta Bill Ray vs. Iron Man in my future!" For the full list of contributors, click here.

I'm sure Marvel will join us soon in helping one of the pioneers who built their empire.

Pictured: Iron Man #1 by Gene Colan


Anonymous said...


This is great! I hope this turns out like the final scene in "It's A Wonderful Life" - with money overflowing and a happy ending! Marvel should play the part of Sam Wainright and offer their full support. Is there any way that we as fans can gently encourage Marvel to do the right thing? I tried to find a simple email address on their site but it was well hidden among all of the ads and blather. Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of Gene and his family!

eRAWtic said...

Mr. M,

Do you know if we will need an account with ComicLink to bid on the Colan Love-In Auction? Also, got any idea of the best internet route to encourage Marvel's support?

Mark Staff Brandl said...

GREAT job Cliff! Keep it up! I'll buy your booka nd will be sendsing something directly to Gene and Adrienne, but if I can contribute some art or so I'll do it too 8I'm a fine artist influened highly by Gene, friends withe G. and A., wrote the afterward to Tom Field's book --- you can check out my website www.markstaffbrandl.com). i don't know what kind of thing from me might be good for such an auction (I'm well-known in the "fine" art world but less so in comics) --- maybe a portrait of gene or something. Anyway, if you have an idea or want anything, contact me. You are a great guy, as well as author, by the way. (My email is at my site).