Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gene Colan Needs Our Help

I'm saddened to announce that Gene Colan has liver failure. While Gene's wife Adrienne shared this with me some weeks ago, and asked me to keep it private, I received a note from someone else regarding this matter several hours ago, then saw it posted at someone else's blog. So the news is out and it will spread fast... And with that, there's no reason not to announce some efforts to help the Colans immediately as they have zero pharmaceutical coverage and are paying crippling prices for meds.

Two weeks ago, Gene approached Marvel with a plea for help. We've all been waiting to see if that help is forthcoming. In the mean time, I know of no organized efforts to help the Colans so let me start with this: Purchases of any of my books or comics will be earmarked for Gene's benefit. I will also seek help from my peers and inform all of you regarding those efforts and how you can help.


Anonymous said...

I would like to contribute money to help Gene. Please tell me how ASAP.

Thanks for getting this word out.

Douglas said...

I'm sure glad you're helping out, Cliff, and I can certainly spare something for Mr. Colan's medicine. I'll help you spread the word, too.


Mike P said...

I'm in, buddy. Whatever I can.