Monday, May 12, 2008

Publishers Aid Gene Colan

Aardwolf Publishing, IDW Publishing and Harris Publishing have stepped up to help Gene Colan and his family in his hour of need. So has New York ComicCon and Bowen Designs. Many are wondering out loud what Marvel will do for the man who did so much for Marvel. This from author Tom Spurgeon:

I think what's particularly worth noting is that Marvel has been asked for help. Colan played a key role in creating and developing the two properties that happened to launch both phases of Marvel's major movie-making history: Blade, in his Tomb of Dracula run, and his work on those Iron Man comics. There's no reason on earth why that company shouldn't spare what will probably amount to a single cash payout during a single quarter to a single board member to someone that paved the way for that success. I hope they come through.

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