Friday, March 12, 2010

A Tale of Symmetry

My recent account of how producer Richard Saperstein refused to pay me for contracted work on Snaked and how I handled it have brought in e-kudos all day long from friends and strangers:

"Clifford Meth is my Alpha Dawg of the Week," writes long-time comics writer Tony Isabella at his website.

Jason Brice at refers to it as, "The amazing tale of how Cliff Meth and The Futurians got snaked."

Comics journalist Daniel Best gives the story a compelling and appropriate introduction at his blog.

Glenn Haumann at ComicMix summarizes it as "how to deal with producer Richard Saperstein."

Isn't it high time you read what all the hullabaloo is about? Click here.

(note added 3/13/2010: links to the original column were removed)


alxjhnsn said...


It looks like the page is down.




The column was pulled by the website owner. I can't comment on that at this point, but a much larger comics website will be reposted it as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.