Monday, March 15, 2010

Everyone's Hero: IDT's Hindenburg

Artist Michael Netzer has posted a behind-the-scenes rememberance of the making of IDT's film "Everyone's Hero."

"Being affiliated with this film was a sad way for Christopher Reeve to depart from this world. I remember his unending efforts to try to transform the debacle into a worthy film, but it was out of his hands. He passed away during the early stages of pre-production and had virtually little input into the final work. That my own name is also attached to it is likewise no small discomfort. It is a sad legacy about big money gone blind."
I read Michael's piece and shook my head remembering how long it took to get the stink of this thing off my clothes.


Michael Netzer said...

I had to throw away the clothes - and you're smelling just perky since leaving IDT. Thanks for opening the door.

Paul Riddell said...

I swear, I hear about this over and over in so many venues, and not just in animation. The really sad part is that while the little people involved with it are punished for that involvement, the people calling the shots move on to bigger and better disasters.