Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meth on Saperstein: Writers & Artists Weigh In

Regarding the's sudden removal...and it's speedy return to print at another forum:

"Came to the Saperstein column. Read it, LOVED it." --Harlan Ellison

"Good on ya, friend." -- Josh Olson (writer, "A History of Violence")

"Bravo, Cliff! (from someone who's been there)." -- Batton Lash

"Well done Clifford! It's not possible to suppress such a good story nor to run away from it. You're a big inspiration!" -- Michael Netzer

"This is what I told Harlan when last we spoke a week back and it certainly applies re: your column's abrupt excision: People in comics always err on the side of cowardice." --Robert Morales

"Cliff's article is terrific. I've been calling him my ALPHA DAWG OF THE WEEK." --Tony Isabella
"Some of you will learn from this column, others will just laugh. But Clifford’s essays like “Welcome to Hollywood” are too important to be ignored." -- Jim Reeber

See what all the fuss is about

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