Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comics Bulletin Pulls Meth Column

After receiving numerous emails that my column was down, I just contacted Jason Sacks, the editor at ComicsBulletin who initially accepted and posted my column "Welcome to Hollywood." Jason is a friend of many years--our association reaches back decades into the early days of comics fandom. I hold no animus for this guy now or ever.

The call to pull the column came from the site's owner Jason Brice who did so from fear of legal reprisals.

A larger comics website has offered to run my column without edits. More on this as things develop.


Chuck Messer said...

Well, that just plain sucks. I read your column both on the site and at Harlan Ellison's Pavilion. It's too bad there are so many people who were born without a spine.

I hope the other site puts up your column, as I think it deserves to be read. People should get a whiff of the stench of mendacity that emanates from Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Jason Brice is chickenshit. He should have stood behind you!

Chuck Messer said...

From what I understand, Jason Brice has had a major family emergency in the last 72 hours.

I think maybe he should be left alone. Jason Sacks himself wrote:

I would appreciate your not posting ad hominem attacks on Jason Brice, the site owner. He lost his mother in a sudden accident less than 72 hours ago and I really would appreciate his name not being flamed all over the internet. If you'd like to flame anyone, flame me. My address is above ( I'd welcome comments from anyone interested in offering them.

Just thought I'd pass that on. Our side looks better and is better if we show some class.



JASON BRICE and I have no issues with each other. None. He has run my column without interference since 2004. This incident was an anomaly. He and I have exchanged pleasant emails regarding the matter and that’s the end of it.