Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Amazing Stan Lee

BOOM! finally made their teased-out Stan Lee announcement yesterday morning. And despite calls from 1000+ reporters, my 87-years-young friend stopped by to answer a few questions. Briefly.

Cliff: Were the characters and back stories for the new POW-BOOM joint venture actually created by you?

Stan: Yep!

Cliff: Do you still think it's important for a hero's alter ego to have an Achilles heel?

Stan: Yep... Usually.

Cliff: At what stage are you at with the projects that you're doing with Walt Disney Studios?

Stan: All different stages. Script. Development. Production.

Cliff: When I was with IDT Entertainment, you shared a letter with us that you received from Paul McCartney pitching you a character. How often do you get pitches from fellow celebs?

Stan: Occassionally. An average of three or four a year.

Cliff: Now that you're hitting middle age, do you have any intention of slowing down?

Stan: Not if I can help it! Excelsior!

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