Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I, Rat Fan

I've delivered my liner notes for "Lost In The Light," the forthcoming (and perhaps final) LP/CD from my beloved Good Rats. After more than three decades as a die-hard Rat fan, imagine my elation at participating in this long-awaited historical release.

In truth, this has been a banner year for Rat heads. The reunion shows in Long Island and at B.B. King's in NYC (I covered one here) were off the charts. And seeing not one but two Rat tracks score the forthcoming film "Roadie" proved that there's still some justice in the world, however miniscule.

Last month, Peppi sent me a demo of the new/old "Lost In The Light" collection--a cornucopia of never-released tracks that rope in every incarnation of the pashas of poetry, the sultans of syncopation. It may not score as seminal as "Tasty" but it's an oasis to those of us dying of the famine that has become rock radio.

Visit the Good Rats website for updates on where the Rats are playing, and watch for "Lost In The Light." Tell Peppi I sent you.

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