Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don McGregor Honors Me

I grew up reading his work. He was one of my favorite scripters. What an honor to see the writer Don McGregor mention me on his blog:

Gene Colan has his beautiful daughter Nanci and her family, his talented son Eric, and the stand-up, talented writer, extraordinaire Clifford Meth around him. Me? I'm getting lost in night-time Brooklyn.

I've been meaning to get back to finishing the Notes and what I've come to think of as the SAWED OFF SHOTGUN MINI BLOGS. I went in to see Gene right after I came back from Rhode Island, in case I had to back up home for my Mom.

I went at dusk, and spent three and half hours with Gene, talking about everything from life, changes in our lives, comics, movies, and about the people I mentioned above who have been there for him in this difficult time. I hadn't been in the area where Gene was at the time in years--probably not since we filmed DETECTIVES INC. One of the first things I told Gene was that where he was was directly across the street from where the final scene for the film was done. And a few blocks up from where Gene was that night is where we filmed on an overpass to get the opening shot of Rainier crossing a busy, wide, night-time Manhattan Street. And while we were doing it, we could have turned the camera around and filmed thieves breaking the side window on the cameraman's car and stealing the equipment stored there.

I think Gene enjoyed the stories. And I certainly just enjoyed being with him. I left about 11:15. This was just after bin Laden had been shot, and the city was on increased alert. It looked like they had blocked the Battery Tunnel entrance, which meant you had to go onto the East Side highway.

I have written before that I am no Hawk of the Wilderness, but I thought, okay, I can take the ramp onto the Brooklyn Bridge and get home that way. Except the ramp was blocked off. Police cars were in front it. Armed police men stood at the side the car. I had to get off Houston Street. I knew if I could get to Bowery, I could get to the Main Entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is one of those Manhattan Streets, that even when you're stopped a street lights, you can't see a single street sign telling you where you are!

Photo of Don and actor Robert Culp.

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