Friday, May 13, 2011

My Friend Dave Cockrum

Everything about Dave Cockrum was extraordinary--his draftsmanship, his designs, his storytelling... and the man himself.

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Anonymous said...

There weren't any better days than the ones I spent reading those Dave Cockrum-drawn X-Men comics. He was the artist of high drama extraordinaire. His team scenes exploded off the page and pulled you right into the movement with them. Half a dozen X-Men covers come immediately to mind. His pen had a magic kinesis that transferred to his characters and readers both. When Dave wasn't drawing as much as he used to, I had the same feeling I had when Larry Bird retired: "I'll never be able to see him play again." For Dave, it was "I may never get to see a newly published illustration again." Thanks in a great part to Dave, I feel like I grew up in a - if not "the" - golden age of comics. He'll always be fondly remembered, at least by me, although I know there will be many, many others stuck in nice memories and reminiscences of the imaginary worlds he created for us.