Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

I was deeply saddened to learn that my friend, the artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones, passed away today. To make matters worse, I have no clue about the matters surrounding Jeff's death. We have corresponded for years and spoken on the phone many times; I was aware of certain depression and alcohol-related issues, but of nothing that was life-threatening. We spoke mostly of art and literature, not of personal matters. I have one of Jeff's original water colors hanging in my kitchen, a little cloud burst that's purple and sad yet deeply soothing. I'm so sorry that this dear and tortured soul is no longer among us.

Michael Nezter, our mutual friend, has a beautiful video of Jeff on his website here. Really worth watching.

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don said...

When I first was discovering New York City, Billy Graham took me to the apartment Jeff had at the time with Louise. I believe once a month they hosted a meeting place for comics people, and Billy made me one of the enclave.
It was a time to meet creative people and exchange ideas, and before I met folks who were creative scoundrels rather than creative lovers.