Monday, February 18, 2008

What If There Was an FF Movie in 1967?

Every once in a while, someone sends you an email worth opening. This, courtesy of David Miller...

Russel Johnson as Reed, Ernest Borgnine as Ben Grimm, Donna Douglass as Sue Storm, and Michael Landon as Johnny Storm.


Anonymous said...

Great choices, though I think Ernest Borgnine was still too major a star at that point to do a 'camp superhero' movie... who knows. One alternative: I think I would like Jean Hale (In like Flint) instead of Donna Douglas for Sue Storm. - hcc

Anonymous said...

Ernest Borgnine?

Anyone who's old enough to remember the TV series Laredo knows that Neville Brand was meant to play Ben Grimm. Just rumple him up, paint him orange and turn him loose. :)