Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scott Edelman Lends a Paw

At his blog, Scott Edelman remembers Dave Cockrum and gives us a hand selling the Estate's comics collection for Dave’s widow Paty:

I have fond memories of sitting with [Dave] in the Marvel Bullpen and watching as he designed the costume for the Captain Marvel villain Deathgrip back when I was writing that book and dinosaurs still walked the Earth. Even though Dave wasn't the artist on that title, he helped out because he was one of the greatest costume generators ever. In addition to his prodigious talent, Dave was also one of the good guys, two qualities which aren't always found together in the same human being. He was a gentle man who was liked by all.
Scott has twice been a Stoker Award finalist and four times a Hugo Award finalist. I burn with jealousy for all such individuals.

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