Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another (Deserved) Dave Cockrum Tribute

Roy Thomas writes this morning to remind me that Alter Ego #78 (TwoMorrows Publishing) will be a Special Dave Cockrum Issue. "It will mostly consist of an interview, art, and photos," said Roy, "but it should run 2 or 3 dozen pages in the issue, at the head of other things."

Roy--my favorite Silver Age comics writer (and yours, too, if you had any taste) spends most of his time these days writing the Marvel Illustrated adapations. He also wrote the introduction to my book One Small Voice (IDW Publishing). Didn't think I'd find a way of sneaking that in there, did you?

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Mike P said...

Thanks for the heads up...the comics shops here don't carry the mag so I will seek it out. Nice to see Dave get his share of the mag, even if it's posthumously. Roy is one of my favorite writers as well as one of the nicest gentlemen in comics.