Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And now... An Award for Inkers

Bob McLeod was my favorite inker, but unless you're a weirdo who reads the credits on comic books, like I was/am/be you'd never know old Bob. Open up this before-and-after image, then tell me inkers are just tracers.

The Inkwell Awards, the newest comics-industry trophies, are set up to recognize the often overlooked and underappreciated art of inking comics. You can read about them here. Voting starts on April 1. For more information, contact Daniel Best at snoopy967@bigpond.com
(note: Spelling fixed... thanks for screaming at me, gents).


Pj Perez said...

Is that McLoud? Or McLeod? Because as a geek that does pay close attention to comic book credits, Bob McLeod has always been one of my favorites. His work with Mike Zeck on "Kraven's Last Hunt" and Rich Buckler on PP:TSSM was fantastic. It helps that McLeod is a great draftsman unto himself.

Of course, if this is some guy named Bob McLoud, then he's good too. :)


PJ (and Daniel, who scolded me privately)--Thanks for the correction. If you need me, I'll be at the blackboard writing, "I will facts-check my work" 1,000 times. --CM

Unknown said...

It is a damned shame that Vince Colletta will never be considered a great inker by the majority of comic readers and its only because of all the additional rush-rush jobs he did when books were late. Colletta's good inking work was better than anyones.