Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stan Lee & Gene Colan Remember Steve Gerber

Following Steve Gerber's passing, Stan Lee and Gene Colan each dropped me notes this evening asking that I share them:

“As a writer, Steve was a true professional,” said Stan, “but even more than that—he was a total individualist. He refused to do anything that was just the same old stuff. Whatever he did was touched by originality and flavored by irreverence, as witness his most famed creation, the totally unique and brilliant icon—Howard the Duck. Steve's passing is a great loss to the entire creative community.”

“Steve was my favorite writer,” said Gene Colan. “Working with him on Howard the Duck was the most fun I’ve ever had professionally in all the years prior and since.” Gene and Adrienne remembered getting ready to do the syndicated HTD strip and waiting for Steve’s scripts. “They were really late,” Adrienne recalls. “Months and months of waiting until finally a huge manilla envelope arrived at our home in New Jersey. ‘Ah! Finally!’ we said. Nope. Inside was a 20-page letter from Steve to Gene explaining all the reasons why they needed to put their best foot forward on this job! Aargh! We roared! But that was Steve.”

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