Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peppi Marchello On the Mend

I've been quiet about it because illness is illness and nobody's business, but it seems the rat's out of the bag. Peppi has been hospitalized and close to the edge for weeks now. I spoke regularly with his wife Kathy and received frequent progress reports about everything from his blood levels to the color of his stools (and if that's not love, what is?) But, after too long, Peppi is home again and we spoke yesterday morning. Then, this evening, he sent this message to his fans:
Dear fans: Thanks for the well wishes and concern you have expressed to me and my family during this critical time in my life. Due to all the blood thinners I have to take since my open heart and valve replacement surgery in 2002, and my stent installation in 2009, I experienced massive blood loss during my 2 recent endoscopies to remove a bleeding polyp in my stomach. I had to receive 13 units of blood and frozen plasma. The doctor told me some of the blood was donated by Dee Snider and since then, I have been wearing a halter top and lipstick. But seriously, I came close to singing my final performance of 'Songwriter' but thanks to God, my family's prayers and yours, I'll be coming back to the greatest job and fans anyone can have. God willing, I hope we can continue to enjoy each other's company at gigs like the reunions, Ratstock and all the other shows throughout the year. I am going to release a CD of songs I have written and recorded that never made it onto a CD or album, although I'm sure many of you will recognize them from live performances over the years. Again, thanks for all your support and I hope to see you soon.

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TheMemorium said...

RIP Peppi Marchello. You were a great singer. Our thoughts go out to your friends and family. We created an online memorial in your honor: http://www.thememorium.com/Memorials/peppi-marchello