Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York ComicCon, Here to Stay

NY ComicCon. Small enough to allow you to see old friends (if you isolate yourself to Artists Alley, which I did) yet large enough to put San Diego on notice. I spent entire the day with Gene Colan, who we snuck in unannounced--and just as well--and was delighted to take time with Walter Simonson, Paul Levitz, Glenn Haumann, Rich Johnston and David Lloyd (all pictured) along with Herb Trimpe, Ramona Fredon, Gary Fields, Todd Nauck, John Workman and Jim Salicrup... Walter's convention stories were hands down the best, but you'll have to hear them from him.

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Mike P said...

Nice reports and photos, Cliff!! Thanks for posting.

A few items to note:
I think you're referring to Todd Nauck, not Tom. Nice guy, too!

In the next post with the thank you for Dave Cockrum, I think "Tom Orz" is short for Tom Orzechowski (sp?), the famous, legendary letterer.

In the previous post about Gene "The best of times, the worst of times", the last sentence of the second paragraph says: "and Gene has proven once again that if anyone has the right to wear the spandex of Captain Comeback."
(I think it's missing the close, something like "it's him.")

Only pointing them out because I know you're as much a stickler for the little stuff as I am.

Thanks again,