Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cain Valasquez TKOs Brock Lesnar

For my money, tonight's fight wasn’t about finally having the first Heavyweight Mexican Champion, despite how it was promoted. It was about Cain Valasquez, a serious wrestler and better MMA fighter finally showing that the UFC’s bad-attitude bully Brock Lesnar was beatable. And the brutal asswhooping he gave him.

I stood in a room crammed with dozens of hooting Jersey billies and their drunken female know-nothings who bayed like dogs at the wide-screens the minute big, bad Brock strutted in to the tune of “Enter Sandman.” And it occurred to me once again that no one who knows and follows MMA could cheer for this roid-raged WWF goon; that this legion of lemmings in bars across the fruited plains are just bandwagon followers who have never wrestled, never boxed, never trained in any martial art, and never known anyone who did; idiots who yell “woo-hoo!” and chant “U-S-A!” at inappropriate times. Nothing made me feel better than watching them shut up as their thyroid freak Viking-wannbe got his head kicked in. Staggering around like a broken marionette, Lesnar didn’t even make it out of the first round. A TKO at 4:12.

Wrestlers and karateka salute Cain Valasquez, the new undisputed heavyweight champion of mixed martial arts.


rakeback affiliate said...

Lesnar came out strong, but got caught a couple of times by Cain and was dazed and just couldnt recover. Once it got to the ground it was a bloodbath and he wasnt even defending himself anymore. It was pretty unfortunate that it ended so quickly.

LegendStudent4life said...

I agree with Mr. Meth. I personally am so happy to finally see someone prove, that no matter if you're a juice head juggernaut or not, you can still get your ass kicked, if you're NOT a legit Martial Artist. Brock Lesnar has proved that he isn't... in the fact that he isn't versed in any other style, other than wrestling, where he does his "ground and pound"... which in layman's terms is nothing but a street fight. THERE IS NO ART, in tackling someone, and holding him down with your apparent size advantage, and punching him until someone stops you. If I wanted to see that kind of shit, I would go to a bar on Jersey shore. I too am tired of all the idiots, who hop on the bandwagon of the guy, who by looking at, you would think would win the fight... Let's see this guy is 6'4" and is 280 pounds, so he should win against the guy who's 6'2" and is 240 pounds. People in the Martial Arts know that size doesn't mean anything, when it comes to a fight. Lenchus O'Sensei taught me that. Good for Cain.

Shimoda Sensei


While today's MMA is very different than the single-discipline martial arts that I studied, the *philosophy* of fighting that Sensei Lenchus taught us, coupled with the philosophy of living that Funakoshi Sensei taught him (via Kawanabe Sensei) are timeless.

LegendStudent4life said...

I agree. It's all in the philosophy and mindset of fighting, in which the Martial Arts are taught and applied. Lenchus Sensei, is one of the the best (the best in MY opinion) in doing and teaching this. I've been his student since I was 4 years old... I am now 25. I was there at his Sensei's (Kawanabe Sensei) 50th anniversary in Japan, where I was promoted by Lenchus Sensei, and his Sensei, to "Shodan". He taught me the philosophy of "Budo"-humility, honor, respect, chivalry, which also include the tools and attitude, to be very dangerous to anyone, no matter their size or numbers. Yes, indeed this philosophy is timeless. The only way I can repay his dedication, and contribution, to ME and the rest of the Martial Arts world, whether it be the many Jewish kids in a synagogue that he taught, or the less fortunate/misunderstood in Brooklyn, is to keep the tradition going on... without diluting it, because then you lose it's essence... which is the difference between US, and the rest of the martial arts community in the U.S., where a David (Cain) can beat a Goliath (Lesnar).

Shimoda Sensei -Proud and honored student of Grandmaster Lenchus