Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tough Jews

My sensei and my sons.


Moshe said...

your sensei seems to have a phantom hand on his chest. its spoked me.

Des said...

Forgive me for not knowing you study Shotokan too.

Very cool.

Neal Stannard said...

Thanks for ther updates, not only on Gentleman Gene, but on Mister Doomsday Machine, Norman Spinrad.

...Neal Stannard

LegendStudent4life said...

Lenchus O'Sensei, is in fact one of the forefathers in American Martial Arts, who actually learned Shotokan Karate in Japan, under Kawanabe Sensei. There are not many martial artists, who can say that they are first generation American martial artists, most are second, third, forth or later generations. One would be VERY fortunate just to talk with him, not to say be able to claim he is my Sensei, and I am his student... that is if you can handle his intense training/personality, and crazy and spontaneous (personally I love it) ways... keep in mind, he is from the "Blood and Guts" era, with names like Mas Oyama, and Ed Parker and Gary Alexander, where they DID NOT use pads. He is NOT "sport karate". There are so many crazy stories of him and his students... though as unbelievable as they may seem... the crazier the story, the more likely that it is true. There is a reason why our association is called the "Legend"... it's because it was built upon the shoulders, of one of the great few Legends in the Martial Arts.

Shimoda Sensei -proud and honored student of Lenchus O'Sensei.