Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paul Daley Sleeps with the Fishes (and he wrestles like them, too)

Call it a vice, but I bet fights. And my money was solid on Paul Daley last night. I should’ve bet that he’d end up in jail.

My sons and I watched in amazement as Daley, frustrated by Koscheck's wrestling dominance for three straight rounds (doing a perfect imitation of what wrestlers call a fish), threw a blind sucker punch at Koscheck well after the fight was over, while Koscheck’s back was turned to Daley.

"Are you kidding me?!” screamed Big Dan Miragliotta the ref as he grabbed the sucker-throwing thug around the neck and held him against the cage. “You're a professional!"

Wrong. Daley used to be a professional. Now he’s a bum. Have we learned nothing from Richard Nixon?

Within hours, UFC ceo Dana White dropped Daley like a bad habit from his organization. In a sport working hard for legitimacy, Daley's sleazy sucker punch will be MMA’s shot heard round the world. Nice move dickhead.

So Josh Koscheck now steps up against reigning champ George St. Pierre (the king of class) as counter coach on next season’s “The Ultimate Fighter.” And Daley can get his resume ready tomorrow as he pounds the pavement looking for work. He’s already practicing the line, “You want fries with that?”

Of course, we’ll likely see Paul Daley fight again, only next time it will be in front of dozens of people in some bar within driving distance of his apartment.


sharkguy said...

Bet the UFC was happy with the Josh win as now their next TV show won't feature two foreigners as coaches....

Fish said...

Damn right they throw the bum out for a cheap shot like that. Personally, I've long been a fan of Josh Kosceck, but felt his standing game lacked finesse. I've enjoyed "The Ultimate Fighter" when I get in on the seasons early. It's one reality show where you get to enjoy the idea that "hey, these idiots should be fighting each other" and they do!

And I'm man enough to admit I think Brock Lesner is pretty badass. Young, and stupid... but badass.

Anonymous said...

he will end up in strikeforce just like babalu after he was dropped. i was actually impressed at daley's improved ground game and think he is moving closer to being a complete MMA fighter. i can't believe dana dropped babalu and now daley for holding a a choke too long and a late cheap shot, but did nothing about palhares cranking drwal's heel hook after he tapped and even after the ref tried to get him to stop. that can do a LOT more damage than a late punch or choke held a little too long.