Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gene Colan is not "Ready to Work"

Gene is still in the hospital and everything is not wine and roses as someone erroneously reported. He is not "ready to work" in another two weeks; his life is far from "back to normal."

All legal and financial matters continue to be handled by his son Eric and his attorney Leo Klein; I continue to function as his agent and business manager.

Gene hopes to be home soon and we are all working towards that goal. He also plans to attend Aardwolf Publishing's party (however briefly) on May 26.

Are you a fan of Gene's? Now is a great time to send get well wishes. If you are a fellow pro or friend who does not know how to get in touch with him, contact me and I'll put you together. Gene has been hospitalized since March 31 and could use the calls and encouragement.

I am extremely busy with business and family obligations and will be out of touch until this Sunday.

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