Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dave Cockrum's FUTURIANS Return

If you read this blog or follow the comings and goings of Mrs. Meth’s son Clifford, you’re aware of my decades-long association with The Futurians. Created by my pal Dave Cockrum, The Futurians have had several shots at the big screen that didn’t quite pan out (partly due to the ineptitude of Howard Jonas’ IDT Entertainment, partly due to that disingenuous, mealy-mouthed sleaze ball of a stuffed shirt Richard Saperstein). But interest in this title has never waned and there are a number of Futurians projects on the horizon, and several proposals on my desk.

First at bat is the new Avatar mini-series from David Miller Studios. This is the first time Cockrum’s “Andrew Pendragon” gets top billing. As David Miller explains, “Avatar returns to his English home for a family funeral and encounters an ancient evil from his past; an evil that could consume all of Great Britain.” Issue #1 features a cover by Greg Larocque, who was drawing DC's Flash back when my buddy William Messner-Loebs was turning in the finest scripts that title ever saw ever (note the double use of the word ever). The incomparable Michael Netzer and inker Joe Rubinstien will be joining the series with issue #2.

Avatar of the Futurians #1, which includes an introduction by your rarely humbled author, is available now from the May Diamond Previews (p. 292).


Unknown said...

very cool. what did you think of Iron Man 2?


Haven't seen IM2 yet. I hate crowds.