Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teen Titans. Go!

My kids and I have always been huge fans of the Teen Titans--from the original comics by my pal Marv Wolfman to the animated series. And I always held a secret affection for the show's theme song. But I only just discovered who sang it. Yow!


Johnny Bacardi said...

Their 2003 album Nice. has the Titans song on it, and is an all-arund great pop-rock record to boot. Andy Sturmer, formerly of Jellyfish, was their svengali at the time. Fab little record.

(almost done with Billboards, btw)


OK--another LP to add to my must-get list. I'm a sucker for power pop and I've had the pleasure of interviewing, over the years, members of The Raspberries, The Knack, Badfinger and The Smithereens.