Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free Subscription. As in You Don't Pay a Blessed Cent.

Please subscribe to this blog. It's free. It's doesn't cost money. In fact, it saves money, if time is money. Perhaps time is trading stamps. Either way, you'll never have to check back again because you'll get an alert when I update this site. Isn't technology aces?

What's going on at this blog? Bits about comics creators and entertainers I fancy or pal around with; news about projects of mine; an occassional, uncomfortable truth; opportunities to buy art or comics at great prices while helping an important cause (like a creator in trouble or a worthy scholarship fund); occassional appearances or interviews with celeb friends like Harlan Ellison and Marv Wolfman and Herb Trimpe and Gene Colan and Marie Severin and Peter David and Walt Simonson and Jim Steranko and Jeff Jones and Bob Silverberg and Ian Anderson and Pat DiNizio and Steve Forbert and Peppi Marchello and Stan Lee and Roy Thomas; occassional references to things you ought to know about but don't...

Just scroll down on the right-hand column of this page and click on Subscribe To. It's free, you cheap bastard.

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