Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Netzer and No Seraph

While most residents in Israel's remote village of Ofra are finalizing preparations for the anniversary of the Angel of Death passing over their homes, the town's artist-turned-oracle (at least that's what his legion of fans, this one included, consider him) renders this startling re-take on the classic Green Lantern cover that never was. Legend has it that DC Editor Julie Schwartz (another legend who Meth had the good fortune to ghost for) didn't dig Neal Adams' initial take on the very first cover of his iconic Green Lantern run. So Julie had the future Hall of Famer redo the shot.

Michael Netzer takes the original concept to new heights in this recently painted homage to his mentor--a fitting eruv-Pesach harbinger if ever there was one. No evil does escape His sight.

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