Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gene Colan: Health Update

It appears that a procedure for Gene has been decided on; no date on when this will take place. Gene is nothing but positive--he still has big plans for the future and views everything that's going on as just "one more bump in the road"--typical of this unique man's resilience and forever positive outlook. He and I spoke about everything but medical issues tonight and I hope to be at the hospital bright and early tomorrow... A deep bow to Bryan Headley who has kept a valiant bedside vigil... And Johnny--the call from you and Viginia yesterday was just what the doctor ordered!



Dear Gene
Hope all goes well
Stay strong (as if you'd know how to stay anything but strong)

Troy said...

Your Dracula was the first comic I ever read, Gene! You inspired me to become a comic book artist and you were always gracious enough to talk to me at cons. GET BETTER. I so respect and admire you, sir!

Troy Boyle

Nathan said...

Gene, I am a Huge fan, your work inspires my everyday---I have your Detective Issues hanging at work in my office--I work as an art director--I read your issues while I was growing up and still love them!
-Nathan Szerdy

Clifform, Is there a new update for Gene?