Friday, April 22, 2011

Gene at 7 a.m.

Gene phoned me from the hospital this morning. He said he knew I'd be worried and wanted to let me know that everything will be just fine. We spoke for a long time--he's on morphine drip so he went in and out but it was a good talk. He's on his back with tubes in him and concerned about reassuring me.

Forgive me if these updates appear morbid in any way but considering how many readers of this blog are fans of Gene's, it seems appropriate...and it makes me feel a little better talking about it.

Life without Adrienne has been a great challenge for my friend but he rose to the occassion. Now I must rise to this occassion.

(photo of Gene and I with the terribly talented and all-around terrific artist and Colan fan David Lloyd at last year's NY ComicCon)

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Scott Bruns said...

I hope Gene is going to be okay. Everytime I met him at the San Diego Comic Con, he was one of the classiest guys there. I treasure the Dr. Strange drawing he did for me. A true legend and one of the best ever.